Why Wise Finserv

We help you take back control of your financial future

Do you want to feel more confident about the financial decisions you make? Would you rest easier knowing that you are doing everything you need to in order to achieve financial independence? Do you want to have more time and freedom for the things you enjoy? You can. Whatever your current situation, financial concerns have an impact on your life and relationships. We can help you make the financial decisions that will allow you to take back control of your financial future so that you can gain the most of what you have now and help you build a more secure, enjoyable future.

We are highly skilled and credentialed

Our team has decades of experience working specifically with affluent individuals. We've devoted our careers providing the holistic financial planning services that helps clients reach their financial goals.

We're proud to provide cutting-edge expertise in areas including planning, investments, taxes, estate, insurance, income and education. Our team consists of Certified Financial Planners (CFP) and qualified Chartered Accountants. They are experts, with the right expertise and experience. They're the team to help you achieve financial security and the freedom to choose your retirement lifestyle.

Certified Investment Advisor

We have highly Skilled, Proficient And Certified Investment Advisors. Wise Finserv abide by the protocols of regulatory bodies and ensures safety primarily.

SCIENCE-Based Investing

Using low-cost, tax efficient investments, we create portfolios that harness cutting-edge research to capture asset-class returns while minimizing portfolio risk.

ISO Certification

Wise Finserv is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Client Service

We have a pro-active mindset in regards to client service. We have a dedicated customer service team who ensure all the services are met on time. Our clients enjoy coming in on a regular basis to review their financial portfolio and affairs. Clients know they are not an account number; rather, they are an integral part of our family of clients. Our focus is on listening, understanding, and caring about our client's concerns and then acting to provide assurance and peace of mind to complicated matters.

Low Client-to-Advisor Ratio

We deliberately control our ratio in order to ensure better investment oversight and personalized service.

Open Architecture Investment Platform

Wise Finserv has access to mutual funds, ETFs, and alternative investments through our innovative fee-based asset management programs. Free from the constraint of proprietary products and investment banking relationships, we are able to work with our clients to determine which investment options are best suited to their unique financial situation.

Best in System Process & Technology

Wise FinServ handles all the data with efficacy as the company is registered with regulatory body AMFI, UIDAI, BSE, IRDA. All our data and web services are hosted by 24x7 Physical and Electronic Security and amazing safety measures as the network communications are secured with 256- bit encryption.

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