Ajit Singh
Retd. Addl. Secy., Cab Sec

Wise Finserv Team has been my financial advisor for last four years. I have invested more than 60% of my retirement benefits following his advice. I have never regretted it. My money has been growing.I think Wise Finserv is an organization which is completely reliable. I have full confidence in Wise Finserv team.

Praveen Kumar

I have been using the services of Wise Financial Services for over 2 years and have invested substantial amount with them. Apart from earning great returns on investment I have found their services to be very prompt, efficient and reliable. I live in New Zealand and can view my investment through their online portal which is a blessing. Wise Finserv Team is always a phone away if I need advise or have a query. I can recommend their services to any prudent investor as they are honest, reliable and you can conduct business over the phone or by sending a simple email.

S R Pahwa
Retd. Director, AMCO

I am extremely happy with the wealth management services of Wise Finserv. They are managing my portfolio since last 6 years and I always get very quality advice from them. Above all the services are very prompt.

Ram Kumar sharma
Adviser, PricewaterhouseCoopers (P) Ltd

The team is very competitive and is always reachable. They always ensure asset allocation as per my risk profile. I wish them all the very best.

Surendra Verma
Retd-COL, From Indian Army

We were introduced to M/s Wise Finserv about 2 years ago. Since then, they have been handling my Financial & Investment portfolio. Their advice has been very valuable, and under their guidance, the invested funds have yielded high profits. They are highly professional and above all well spoken and considerate. We have no hesitation in strongly recommending their services and expert advice.

Leena Bhattacharya
Retd. Professor

I am highly satisfied with the services of Wise Finserv. They are very helpful, trustworthy and efficient. And it would be worthwhile to mention that their personal touch is commendable.

Arundhati Sinha

My experience with Wise FinServ has been very good. Financial Planning now seems simpler and all their recommendations have helped me grow my wealth.

Dilip Chaturvedi
General Manager, Reliance Industries

Wise Finserv are the cleanest and the finest service provider. I can trust you to the core because of your focused and appropriate suggestion for the development and progressive growth. I have not entertained any request since you look after mine and my family member’s portfolios. Wise Finserv team are Punctual and correct with your action. I certainly wish that your financial and service advises will reach to lot of people and you and your wonderful team flourish. Service with smile is your forte. I wish you and your team to do well continuously and consistently.

Mohan Prasad Singh
Retd. Financial Services Industry (U.S.A)

I have had the pleasure of using Wise Financial Services for quite some time and have been very happy for this experience, specially in India. Quite frequently in India I have felt that once they get your business, they want to forget you or deal as little as possible or follow-up.

The best experience is to feel that your views, objectives and interests are of prime consideration for the services being offered. I have always felt that Wise Financial always kept this in view, including making it convenient for me, despite I am sure many other pressure of being in the business of financial services. Even when my views or options where not similar with the expert advice of Wise Financial Services, the situation was handled very well and with patience.

I feel very happy to see you and your colleagues who have the dedication, to succeed in business and gain the confidence of investors like me in the financial instruments available here in India.

Mr. Vishal Sharma

I am very happy with the services of Wise Finserv. My advisor is very faithful and trustworthy. And advices me according to my needs and want.
I recommend others too to get connected to Wise Finserv.

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