Family Office

Family Offices are institutions that provide multi-generational guidance along with a robust and comprehensive outlook towards your wealth enterprise.

Ultra- HNI clients generally demand highly specialized services. Family Offices offer superior expertise in constructing or selecting Alternate Investment portfolios and products. They help in getting rid of mundane tasks and reduce costs in achieving a full balance sheet financial management and investment solution. We know that our clients are in the get-rich business and hence our family office professionals focus on the stay-rich business for them.

What we have to offer to you:

  • A more holistic decision making due to a central financial management centre for your wealth
  • Access to institutional quality talent, fund managers and resources that would be difficult to obtain at an individual level
  • Family transfer of assets, heritage and relationships in a more efficient manner

Family Office Service

Financial Risk-return Management
Co-ordinate Tax, Trust and Estate Planning
Legal Services
Family Governance
Education of Younger Generations
Legacy Planning
Accounting and Reporting
Family Business Governance
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