At WFS, we look to create a culture of collaboration, accountability, empowerment, performance, recognition and rewards. WFS actively ensures that its employee skill sets are improved on a continuous basis. We foster and encourage innovation, quality advice, through leadership, diligence and forward thinking.


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Learning & Development

At Wise Finserv we firmly believe that skilled team can drive the growth of organisation . We strongly focus on developing employee skills to achieve organizational objectives.

We strongly focus on three critical skill areas to people & organizational performance.

1: Soft-skill Development
Soft skill development targets the improvement of an individual’s competencies and behaviors. These encompass the communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, strategic thinking and team building skills that govern much of the interpersonal actions inside and outside of a company.

2: Functional Skill Development
Functional skill development targets an employee’s improvement of “hard skills” such as data analysis & product Knowledge enhancement. An organization cannot produce or sell products or services if its employees do not maintain the appropriate tactical skills to efficiently perform their job requirements. Training for hard skills often takes place when an employee is onboarding for a new position or directly preceding a task that requires new skills.

3: Compliance Development
Implementing a learning management system that supports compliance completion tracking as well as requirements around logging, auditing and validation can help ensure that the company has taken the proper procedures to prevent costly mistakes and breaches of law.

Summer Internship

An internship is a period of work experience offered by Wise Finserv to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment, which relates to their field of study. Internships can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months.

Internships provide students with hands-on learning experience even as they gain a glimpse into the real world, giving them a front row seat to a potential career choice.

Induction Program

An induction programme is the process used to welcome new employees to the company and prepare them for their new role. It helps in the effective integration of the employee into the organisation.

We strongly feel that an induction programme is an important process for bringing staff into an organisation. It provides an introduction to the working environment and the set-up of the employee within the organisation..

An induction program is part of Wise Finserv knowledge management process and is intended to enable the new starter to become a useful, integrated member of the team, rather than being "thrown in at the deep end" without understanding how to do their job, or how their role fits in with the rest of the company.

We work primarily for building-up the successful career of the new Joinee through learning and training. The focus would be on the Skill, Vision, and Personality and Professional development in addition to coverage of course curriculum. Every effort would be made to inculcate a work culture needed for becoming a successful professional.

Our Induction Program covers the following;

Financial Services & its Growth Trends – (MF, Insurance-Life/Non Life, HNI & Retail Segment, Demographics, Investment Pattern)

Product Offerings – Indepth understanding on Financial Products & their taxation (MF, Life Insurance, General Insurance, PMS, Structure Products, Traditional Products- Fixed deposits, PPF, NSC, PO-MIS, KVP, SCSS, Superannuation, Gratuity, NPS )

Financial Planning – Industry & Career Prospects

Financial Planning- Importance of Advisor, Financial Planning Process, Understanding of Risk Profile, Preparing FP Report, Asset Allocation, Goal Mapping (Existing & New investments), and Calculations- Excel tools (PV/FV/XIRR/IRR/PMT/RATE/NPR)

Case Studies / Role Play / Mock Sessions


Management at Wise Finserv ensure a positive work environment which makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day. A positive work environment means everything that forms part of employees’ involvement with the work itself, such as the relationship with co-workers and supervisors, organizational culture, room for personal development, etc. A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day.

At Wise Finserv ensure the following for healthy & positive work environment

a) Transparent & Open Communication
We practice transparent and open form of communication addresses the employee’s need to feel that what they have to say has value. It is what makes employees feel that they belong in the organization. Work then becomes meaningful because the employees know that what they contribute affects Wise Finserv. It is thus essential for employee to discuss the organization’s philosophy, mission and values, from time to time during retreats, meetings, etc to ensure that everyone knows what they’re working for other than their paychecks. Having We ensure open discussions with employees during time to time retreats, meetings, etc about organization’s philosophy, mission and values to ensure that everyone knows what they’re working for other than their paychecks.

b) Work-Life Balance
We strongly feel that there has to be some sort of balance between work and personal life. In general, having that sense of balance improve job satisfaction & people feel that they’re not overlooking the other areas of their lives that are, if not more, important to them than work. Fulfilling various needs and goals in life, such as those of family, friends, spiritual pursuits, self-growth, can make one feel more confident about themselves and perform their best at work. In other words, we feel that work-life balance can promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking.

Rewards & Recognition

At Wise Finserv, we practice & promote culture of rewarding people for their hard work & achievement on regular basis. We feel that rewards are necessary to encourage & motivate people to do good work. When hard work is appropriately rewarded and duly recognized by the management, employees feel valued by the organization for what they put in.

Our Induction Program Covers

Detail understanding on all the asset class & their taxation

5 most essential excel financial calculators

Live case study on- Retirement planning, Child education planning, Marriage planning, Wealth management.


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